Looking to Sell — We Love to Buy!

With more than four decades of experience in jewelry buying, Copper Canary’s staff is uniquely skilled in the evaluation of antique, vintage and modern pieces. We are committed to the careful examination of each item, in order to determine the highest return possible, and are also open to trades/exchanges for in-store merchandise.

In addition, our fervent passion for, and speciality in, re-imagining fine jewelry means your trades are given longevity as part of new and timeless creations that will be enjoyed by their new owners for many more years to come. Click here for just a small snapshot of the re-imagining we’ve done to date!


So many of us have fine jewelry sitting at home or residing in the safe deposit box at the bank that goes unworn and even unseen for years and years. Customers have shared with us that sometimes when they unearth these items, they barely recognize them because they haven't looked at them in so long! These pieces could have been inherited, gifted to you, or jewelry that you yourself purchased, have owned for a long time and your style has evolved enough that you do not enjoy wearing these pieces today. Really, not much different in fashion, styles change as do tastes. In addition, if you have broken pieces or only one earring bring them in...we are not picky!

At our shop, not only do we purchase fine jewelry, coins, sterling silver flatware and hollow ware, but we are also happy to exchange with you. When you exchange your old treasures, you are gaining new treasures that you will actually wear and enjoy! Call it freshening up your jewelry wardrobe if you like. An exchange works well for both parties, we get some pieces we may be able to work with and you leave with a bounce in your step sporting an amazing new piece (or pieces!) that you can wear yourself and someday maybe pass down.



We welcome all types of antique and vintage jewelry, including items requiring repair or that are otherwise unwearable.

Copper Canary is also happy to evaluate contemporary fine jewelry that is no longer being worn, such as engagement rings and wedding bands.


Sterling Silver

With on-staff antique specialists, Copper Canary is uniquely poised to evaluate vintage and antique sterling serving pieces, including holloware, to determine fair market value.

We also accept silver jewelry pieces, and especially those of Native American design.



Copper Canary accepts all denominations of early, pre-1964 American coins, including Morgan silver dollars, half dollars, quarters and dimes.

We additionally welcome commemorative U.S. gold coins, as well gold and silver foreign currency.