Our Story


Making the world glimmer for five generations…

Our family of jewelers dates back to the 1800s; our pristine-quality antique, vintage and estate jewelry dates back even further:

·       Georgian (1700s – 1830s)

·       Victorian (1830s – 1907)

·       Art Nouveau (1890s – 1905)

·       Edwardian (1900 - 1918)

·       Arts & Crafts (1905 - 1917)

·       Art Deco (1918 - late 1940s)

·       Retro (1930s - late 1940s)

All of these periods are represented in the showroom – we have the most robust collection of antique, vintage and estate pieces in all of San Diego County, and likely Orange County as well.  “Every piece here tells a story”, says Perry Coles, a jeweler and gemologist with 40+ years of experience.  “Many are in pristine shape, handed down for generations.  Antique jewelry was not mass-produced from molds and no two pieces are alike.”  Allie DeSeelhorst, a GIA-trained jeweler with over a decade of experience adds, “My favorite pieces are those I could imagine in the showcase at my great-great grandfather’s store in Chicago in 1885.  Did you know that in the early 1900s, ladies held their lingerie in place with beautiful bar-shaped pins that were never seen by their friends or anyone?  We’ve redesigned hundreds of these into earrings, necklaces wrist cuffs and rings.  And, Victorian era ladies often wore a large ‘mourning’ pin or locket commemorating the loss of a loved one – in fact we have turned several into gorgeous, one-of-a-kind necklaces.”


The entire team is a wealth of knowledge, inspiring and educating customers every day as to what they own, the time period in which it originated, and why it was designed or manufactured that way.  With just one location, owned and operated by just one family, the personal interaction and trust are the reason for so many repeat customers over the years.